stranger (5 photos)

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candy kid girl with face paint - burning man decompression 2007 (san francisco), beads, child, face painting, facepaint, kandi kid, kandi raver, little girl, necklace, piercing, raver outfits, stranger, teenager, woman
candy kid girl with face paint, burning man decompression 2007, san francisco
alice cantillon - bar "le piano vache" (paris), blue, cigarette, finger ring, hand, le piano vache, nail polish, nails, paris, red lipstick, smoker, smoking, stranger, woman
alice cantillon, bar "le piano vache", paris
folsom street fair 2007 (san francisco), dark, fashion, fedora hat, man, stranger
folsom street fair 2007, san francisco
woman with long red hair (san francisco), gay pride festival, stranger, woman
woman with long red hair, san francisco
amsterdam - girl with pigeons, amsterdam, birds, pigeons, stranger, woman
amsterdam, girl with pigeons