straw hats (4 photos)

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2013 - burning man, burning man, conical hats, hat, japanese umbrellas, straw hats, woman
2013, burning man
safety helmet over straw hats, borneo, building construction, cap, construction site, construction workers, malaysia, man, miri, safety helmet, straw hats, sun hat
safety helmet over straw hats
prim queer tea party - folsom street fair 2007 (san francisco), graffiti, nose piercing, red hair, redhead, straw hats, victorian fashion, victorian period, woman
prim queer tea party, folsom street fair 2007, san francisco
crowd with straw hats - festival near sukhothai (thailand), crowd, straw hats, sukhothai, thailand
crowd with straw hats, festival near sukhothai, thailand