street sign (3 photos)

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street sign in the wild west, 1st, darwin, death valley, dirt road, ghost town, library, nw, post, street sign, teakettles, unpaved
street sign in the wild west
sangam - kumbh mela area - street sign (india), direction, hindu pilgrimage, hinduism, india, kumbh mela area, maha kumbh mela, road sign, street sign, triveni sangam
sangam, kumbh mela area, street sign, india
ปลา - fish shaped street sign - สังขละบุรี - sangklaburi  (thailand), fish shaped, golden color, sangklaburi, street sign, thailand, ปลา, สังขละบุรี
ปลา, fish shaped street sign, สังขละบุรี, sangklaburi, thailand