street sign (3 photos)

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sangam - kumbh mela area - street sign (india), direction, hindu pilgrimage, hinduism, india, kumbh mela area, maha kumbh mela, road sign, street sign, triveni sangam
sangam, kumbh mela area, street sign, india
street sign in the wild west, 1st, darwin, death valley, dirt road, ghost town, library, nw, post, street sign, teakettles, unpaved
street sign in the wild west
ปลา - fish shaped street sign - สังขละบุรี - sangklaburi  (thailand), fish shaped, golden color, sangklaburi, street sign, thailand, ปลา, สังขละบุรี
ปลา, fish shaped street sign, สังขละบุรี, sangklaburi, thailand