Little Girl in Himalayan Village (India)

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Little Girl in Himalayan Village (India)

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This little girl was very smart.

She was the only one in the entire village that could speak (and understand) a bit of English. And the little English she knew, she was speaking it very well. I was amazed.

All the other kids and older villagers only speak their local dialect and a bit of Hindi.

She told me her name and age (which I don't remember, sorry!), showed me her house, and then she asked me "What is your village?". How cute!

Obviously she has never been in a large city, and she thinks everyone live in small villages like hers. The closest city is probably about 200 Km away (i.e. one full day of travel by local bus), so it's understandable.

In the back, you can see the roof of a village house, covered with stone slabs.

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Date & GPS location
Photo taken on April 27, 2013
National Highway 94, Janki Chatti, Uttarakhand 249141, India
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