Pharaoh Hound - Kelb Tal-Fenek - Red Dog

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Pharaoh Hound - Kelb Tal-Fenek - Red Dog

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Pharaoh Hound - Kelb Tal-Fenek - Red dog with yellow eyes

The "Pharaoh Hound" originated in the small island of Malta (South of Sicily - Italy).

On the island, they call this dog the Kelb Tal-Fenek which translates to “rabbit dog” or "rabbit hunting hound".

Originally the "Pharaoh Hound" was thought to have been linked to ancient Egypt because historians found paintings of similar looking dogs inside pyramids, and it resembles the Egyptian jackal-headed god Anubis. In reality, this dog is of no relation at all to any Egyptian breed but is actually a descendant from African hunting dogs.

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Photo taken on July 3, 2005
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