clear eyes (7 photos)

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large pitbull dog, clear eyes, collar, dog, head, pit bull terrier, pitbull, yellow eyes
large pitbull dog
head of pitbull dog with big ears, clear eyes, dog, ears, head, pit bull terrier, pitbull, snout
head of pitbull dog with big ears
amazing clear eyes, clear eyes, woman
amazing clear eyes
pharaoh hound - kelb tal-fenek - red dog, anubis, clear eyes, collar, dog ears, kelb tal-fenek, malta, maltese, pharaoh hound, red dog, yellow eyes
pharaoh hound, kelb tal-fenek, red dog
dog with bi-color eyes, bi-color, blue eye, clear eyes, dirty bird party, dog, head, snout, white
dog with bi-color eyes
blue-eyed water buffalo, blue eyes, clear eyes, cow, india, kumbalgarh, kumbhalgarh, udaipur, water buffalo, कुंभलगढ़
blue-eyed water buffalo
lizzy's weird eyes (san francisco), clear eyes, lizzy, woman
lizzy's weird eyes, san francisco