Walking on a Narrow Ledge along Clearwater River - Caving in Mulu (Borneo)

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Walking on a Narrow Ledge along Clearwater River - Caving in Mulu (Borneo)

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Walking on a Narrow Ledge Along Clearwater River - Caving in Mulu (Borneo)

We walked one Km or so downstream along the Clearwater underground river, to reach the cave mouth. We had to cross it several times, usually knee deep, sometimes waist deep. The water is crystal clear. We often had to walk on narrow ledges or slippery rock slopes on the river banks. The biggest danger is to fall on some of the sharp rocks that are half submerged in the river.

Photo taken in the Clearwater cave system in Gunung Mulu National Park (Borneo)

The Clearwater System is believed to be the largest interconnected cave system in the world by volume and the 9th longest cave in the world at 189 Km (as of 2011).

For more photos, information and cave map, view my Clearwater cave photo series.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on August 24, 2011
Marudi, Malaysia
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