Woman with Bilateral Coloboma (a Hole in the Eye's Iris)

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Woman with Bilateral Coloboma (a Hole in the Eye's Iris)

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This is beautiful Vanessa, and the black spots you can see in her eyes are Coloboma (actual hole in the eye's iris)

A Coloboma is rare eye condition. It is a cleft, usually due to incomplete embryologic development in utero, i.e. it's a birth defect. An iris Coloboma is the most common eye Coloboma; the pupil will often look like a keyhole or upside-down pear.

For more information about Coloboma, read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coloboma.

Vanessa -

Photo taken at the LovEvolution / Love Fest Festival (San Francisco).

Some of Vanessa's work can be seen here:



Date & GPS location
Photo taken on October 3, 2009
Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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I have coloboma in my right eye, and it looks exactly like that apart from the eyes are two different colour of brown.
i got coloboma in both my eyes and my left eye is like a perfect keyhole
bjr j'espere que vous parlez francais. Ma petite fille a aussi un colobome avec microphtalmie. Je voudrais avoir un peu plus d'infos car visiblement la medecine ne peut rien. Comment le vivez vous vous qui etes adulte et comment voyez vous avec cet oeil ? je veux dire vous voyer trouble, double....etc. Merci des infos que vous pourrez me laisser sur mon email. david.marchand0849 [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email] merci pour mélody.
Wow, her coloboma looks almost exactly like mine! And even in the same eye! That's insane. I have a visual coloboma eye in my right eye as well, though it's hard to tell due to my eye color being a dark brown, but it does cause problems with vision. My glass lens is super thick compared to the other eye, and I can't wear a contact lense for it due to my eye completely rejects it for whatever reason (I would like to figure that out actually lol) But I know what it's like to have a coloboma. It's not such a bad thing lol, just there's a lot of blows to the head due to the lack of vision lol.
This is me!!!! these pictures are beautiful. Thank you!!!!