Woman with Iris Coloboma (a Hole in the Eye's Iris) - Vanessa Rivera

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Woman with Iris Coloboma (a Hole in the Eye's Iris) - Vanessa Rivera

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This is beautiful Vanessa, and the black spot you can see in her right eye is called a Coloboma (it's an actual hole in her eye's iris).

A Coloboma is rare eye condition. It is a cleft, usually due to incomplete embryologic development in utero, i.e. it's a birth defect. An iris coloboma is the most common eye coloboma; the pupil will often look like a keyhole or upside-down pear.

For more information about Coloboma, read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coloboma.

Vanessa -

Photo taken at the LovEvolution / Love Fest Festival (San Francisco).

Some of Vanessa's work can be seen here:



Date & GPS location
Photo taken on October 3, 2009
Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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I have the exact same as vanesa, I always felt like I was the only one that was different,not now though.
TYhis is beautiful.I have colomboma too exactly the same. Do you know if there is a club from all this people oiver the world??Gr t The Netherlands
TYhis is beautiful.I have colomboma too exactly the same. Do you know if there is a club from all this people oiver the world??Gr t The Netherlands
I am 32 and i was born with Colobama in my right eye. I have brown eyes so its not so badly noticable. However, my vision is impared to the point of being blind and only seeing light and shadows in that eye. There is also no muscle control of the eye causing me to undergo muscle reassignment at the age of 2 and 15. The sun greatly agrivates and is very uncomfortable so i have to wear sunshades. It is something to adapt with but since it is a birth defect, I wouldnt know what its like not to have the condition. My husband calls it my "beauty mark"....
This is awesome. Mine is virtually identical...except i have Blue eyes and it is my left. I have bad eyesight from the left and it impairs my depth perception.
i have coloboma too
if the hole is too large it can impare the vision in that eye entirely. in most cases a cleft that occurs on the lower portion of the iris will cause more vision loss.
Can she clearly where the iris is not clefted? can it dilate? agreed on the atractiveness. is that a hickey on her neck?
i have coloboma...but mine is in both of my eyes.....kinda cool actually, but due to coloboma, my retina detached when i was 10 (i'm 15 now). I haven't got any of the problems that are often associated with coloboma such as a clef plate. short stature, mental 'retardation' (i think ''being not the sharpest knife in the draw' would suffice here) or and defects in any of my organs (well, except my eyes...) neither of my parents or my biological grandparents have it...although judging by the fact i'm ginger and the rest of my family is blonde...this may not stand for much. At the moment there is no cure for it, and although i have next to no vision in my left eye...i love it :) i used to wear contacts when i was younger, but now i've come to realise that my 'cat eyes' are part of who i am. there is no 'limited life expectancy' just eat fruit and veg and don't step out infront of cars....it hurts and being in the sun...na, not really.....well, i don't know really...i've never had any problems...if its really sunny i wear sun glasses otherwise, nope :) it has no effect on reading...however, i AM dyslexic so whether that is related to the condition i don't know (my IQ is fairly high though-145) so i shouldn't think so :)
Bjr I espere that you speak francais. My girl also has a colobome with microphtalmie. I would like to have a little more information because apparently the medecine can nothing. How live him(it) you who are an adult and how see you with this eye? I want to say you shady voyer, double etc. Thank you for the information that you can leave me on my email. david.marchand0849 [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email] thank you for mélody my girl.
Do you have any difficulties reading or being in the sun?
shes really pretty
offensive? how?
This is offensive